Where to find the best deals on bedding this Black Friday

Scott Polachuk

It’s easy to underrate bedding’s importance to long-term health. Adults are often advised to sleep for 7 to 9 hours nightly, as regularly achieving fewer hours of slumber than this can imperil our health and productivity. Arguably, then, bedding supplies are among the most crucial you need.

However, whether you are in the market for blankets, bedcovers or sheets, such as queen size sheets and king size sheets, there remains a big question mark over where exactly you should buy them. Fortunately, Black Friday bedding deals will evidently be abundant this year.

An amazing sale from Amazon

These days, Black Friday tends to be more of a month-long event than the 24-hour day of sales it used to be – and few companies typify this situation better than Amazon, which has already launched its Happy HoliDeals sales page, with bedding among the listed products.

If you suffer from many episodes of restless sleep, Weighted Idea’s cooling, weighed blanket, slashed in price from $79.80 to $67.83 on Amazon, could help you to change that. The blanket’s weight is tailored to match 7-12% of your body’s, letting you enjoy the gentle sensation of feeling hugged.

The way to Wayfair

Whether you are eager to pick up twin bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases or any other bedding products, Wayfair can seem like an obvious place to get them. It can even seem even more obvious come Black Friday – which, for this retailer, actually pays a visit twice a year…

However, if you missed Wayfair’s “Black Friday in July” event, you could still hold out for the November outing. At the time of writing, Wayfair hadn’t unveiled its sales for that one – but, as it trimmed up to 70% off the price of bedding last time around, we can anticipate big things.

Don’t expect too much overstock at Overstock.com

For that reason, when the site unleashes its Black Friday sales, you need to act quickly! Right now, you can enter your email address on the Overstock.com site to be notified first about the biggest of those deals – which should be really special, judging from the site’s past form.

Even in the run-up to November 7th, the retailer was offering 10% off select bedding products in a limited-time sale, so don’t be surprised to see Overstock.com top that sooner rather than later.

To Bed Bath & Beyond

No, not what Buzz Lightyear enthusiastically declares every evening, but instead apt instructions for what you should do to snap up an exciting deal on bedding this Black Friday.

The nationwide domestic retail store chain Bed Bath & Beyond has revealed that visitors to any of its brick-and-mortar stores between 6am and 12pm on Friday, November 23 can, for their trouble, pick up a coupon giving them a discount of 20% off the whole purchase price.

Yes, that’s right, the entire price – though, in the small text, the retailer specifies that this coupon is valid only for the whole of that Friday. Furthermore, the Black Friday sale itself will run between the hours mentioned above, giving you limited time to make the best use of that coupon.

The good news, however, is that the coupon can also be redeemed on the retailer’s website – meaning that you can buy sooner before looking forward to receiving your bedding later.


Seemingly, we can barely get into November before retailers are dropping enticing deals left, right and centre in front of our faces, well before Black Friday itself. Walmart certainly got the memo, judging from the special “Deal drop” page on its website.

On that page, the big-name retailer releases new deals as they become available, meaning that it’s worth regularly typing “walmart.com” into your internet browser’s address field, whether the latest bedding bargain happens to be flannel bed sheets, quilts, comforter sets or anything else.

Of course, as there is plenty besides bedding listed on the page, perusing the main list could prove tedious. Fortunately, though, all you have to do is click “Home” under the “Departments” heading on the left-hand side and then click the relevant categories that pop up, including “Basic Bed Blankets”, “Bed Blankets” and “Bed Sheets”, to see what relevant goodies are included at any given time.

Now it’s just up to you to keep all of this advice in mind as you start planning your Black Friday spending spree. Yes, it could be hectic – but rest assured that a comfortable night’s sleep could become much more achievable in the aftermath.

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