The Ford 2018 Black Friday event

Danielle Johnson

Certainly a well-known vehicle brand, Ford is renowned for its capable and efficient vehicles. Founded back in 1903, Ford has become a big name in the vehicle industry, so what could be better than buying a vehicle from such a respected brand during Black Friday?

Many Ford vehicles, including those listed below, will be included in Black Friday deals this year.

Ford Focus

With a comfortable and spacious design, the Ford Focus is a car that cannot be easily contested. From short journeys to long journeys, the Ford Focus can withstand a wide variety of situations and perfectly blend into almost any context with ease.

With 9 different colours to choose from, the Ford Focus can suit you and your individual style perfectly. Whether you prefer a bolder and brighter color such as the Ruby Red or Chrome Blue, or a more conservative hue like Shadow Black or Moondust Silver, there is always a shade of Ford Focus for you.

Utilizing driver assist technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go and Lane Centring, and Active Park Assist 2, the Ford Focus provides a comfortable and easy drive. It also comes with features such as Live Traffic, a Wi-Fi hotspot and eCall as well as many other FordPass Connect features.

The Black Friday deals for this vehicle include Finance from 0% for 60 months and a $1,000 bonus as well as other deals, like up to $4,000 in cashback. With these kinds of incentives, the Ford Focus is definitely a car that should be purchased this winter.

Ford Ecosport

A wonderfully designed vehicle, this sleek car is beautiful both inside and outside. It comes with 13 outstanding colors to choose from – including Race Red, Magnetic, Luxe Yellow, Urban Teal, White Platinum and Lightning Blue.

With features such as Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD), this vehicle combines comfort and style by adding LED daytime lights for both visibility and enhancing the aesthetically pleasing exterior.

The engine, meanwhile, is powerful as well as economical – it’s a 1.0-litre Ford EcoBoost petrol engine which is the six-times winner of the International Engine of the Year award. This makes the Ford Ecosport a great car for almost any situation and occasion.

With up to $1,500 cashback on the Ford Ecosport, this car also is part of other Black Friday deals such as finance from 0% for 60 months and up to $1,000 bonus on top of that!

Ford Fusion

Combining efficiency and design, this eco-friendly car would make a wonderful addition to your household this Black Friday. The vehicle features a clean fusion engine which can transition quickly between gas and electric or combine both! With EcoGuide, this car provides information as you drive in order to help you drive more efficiently.

With safety features as a priority, it includes regenerative braking which means that almost 94% of the energy created during braking is stored in the vehicle and used at a later date. Therefore, this vehicle not only is stylish and sleek but also works to create a safer and more efficient drive for you.

Not only does this vehicle save energy, it also saves money this Black Friday with finance from 0% for 72 months and even up to a $2,750 bonus, while there are also leases from $209 a month.

Ford Escape

This vehicle combines versatility and the Intelligent 4WD system which continuously monitors traction and road conditions every 16 milliseconds. Creating an easy drive, the Ford Escape transfers torque from front wheels to rear wheels as needed, providing a blend of handling and traction at any point during driving.

It also is part of the Black Friday deals this year, with finance from 0% for 60 months and an incredible bonus of up to $1500 – you can’t miss out on these types of savings this year!

With features such as Ford’s BLIS (Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic Alert) and Lane Keeping System, this vehicle also eases driving through adaptive technologies. Helping parking in almost any situation, the Enhanced Active Park Assist is a multi-featured system which controls your acceleration and braking as well as warning for objects close to either side of the vehicle.

Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is an incredibly affordable vehicle as a result of the deals available this Black Friday. Some of these include up to $4,500 cashback on the Explorer as well as finance from 0% for 60 months and even up to $1,500 bonus.

Available in 8 exterior colors from Ruby Red to Magnetic, there is always a color of Ford Explorer that can suit your individual tastes and styles.

This vehicle is filled with technological advances such as third-row PowerFold seating. This provides a flexible approach to seating and transport with the push of a button. Easy to adjust whether you want to transport passengers or cargo, the PowerFold seating allows you to – by simply pressing a button – flatten this seating for ease of use as well as comfort.

With leases from $299 a month, the Ford Explorer is a vehicle that must be purchased this Black Friday.

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