Popular women's winter jackets and boots this holiday season

Danielle Johnson

The winter poses a fair few challenges for the more fashion-conscious among us; while we obviously want to keep warm, it can sometimes feel as though donning thick, bulky jackets and boots leaving us with the silhouette of the Terminator is the only way to keep the frostiness at bay.

Fortunately, though, ladies can still keep themselves stylish and svelte – and, crucially warm – as long as they are careful with their selections of winter attire. Here are just a few worthy options…

Columbia Sportswear Long Down Winter Jacket

Making a winter jacket that leaves the wearer feeling warm without looking padded can’t be easy, but Columbia Sportswear somehow managed it with this lightweight jacket, which comprises 600-fill-power-goose-down with a soft texture and patented thermal-reflective technology.

This breathable and water-resistant garment reflects the body heat of the wearer to keep them cozy, but still looks good from a distance thanks to its quilted pattern and waistline-defining cinch.

The North Face Women’s Arctic Parka

You’ve probably been eager to steer clear of the trench coat, convinced that it wouldn’t do your figure any favors. However, if the Arctic winds near you become especially strong, this could force your hand – in which case, consider this offering from outdoor recreation brand The North Face.

This long, trench-style jacket includes 550-fill-down insulation to prevent the cold from biting and can be paired with North Face women’s winter boots to form a stylish ensemble in your wardrobe.

BGSD Women’s Tabby Water-Resistant Hooded Maxi

One major advantage of women’s winter jackets with ample coverage is that they can provide plenty of room for both inside and outside pockets, as this hooded maxi from BGSD attests.

This garment is airy and breathable on account of its 100% lightweight polyester – and, even when you utilize the pockets, you will still have somewhere to tuck your hands and keep them warm. The cherry on the cake is the ease of maintaining the maxi, such as through washing it at home.

Prada Chunky Ankle Boots

You need to be picky about the materials in women’s winter boots – as, otherwise, you could too easily slip up or get cold feet in the most literal sense of both phrases. However, this doesn’t strictly mean that you have to ignore celebrity trendsetters – like Kendal Jenner…

The woman herself was recently snapped wearing Prada’s lace-up combat boots, the shamelessly chunky soles of which can help you to maintain your grip even during blizzards or on sleet.

Sarah Flint Adrianna 35 Shearling Water-Resistant Boots

Another star who rarely goes wrong in the style stakes is Meghan Markle, the actress-turned-royal – and her favorite shoe brand, Sarah Flint, recently brought out the Adrianna 35 footwear, which could be dubbed the magnum opus of female-friendly winter boots.

These boots are fitted with a complete lug outsole to counter the possibility of slipping – and, inside and out, lined with water-resistant crosta suede and shearling to make them as comfortably toasty – but, thankfully, not as clunky – as a snow boot.

Native Shoes Lhoste

Many of us are urged to make more sustainable lifestyle choices these days, and this eco-friendly approach can extend to the footwear we buy – even winter footwear.

Consider the example of the Lhoste winter boots from the all-vegan footwear purveyor Native Shoes. These boots, a collaboration with all-vegan coat brand Save the Duck, are kept cozy by their faux fur lining and can grip well due to their natural rubber outsole.

Furthermore, 5% of the proceeds from holiday sales of this footwear will be donated to animal welfare charity the BC SPCA.

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