Shopping Gucci handbags this Black Friday

Danielle Johnson

When it comes to shopping for the best deal on Black Friday, you don’t want to miss out on your share of Gucci Handbags. Here are the most important products you need to keep an eye on!

Gucci totes

When you want to find the best deal on a Gucci tote, be sure to look into the Gucci Private Sale on Black Friday. A Gucci tote bag can be the perfect way to make a statement at work, as the thick straps and soft leather exterior can truly make you look like you are ready for business.

Don’t be afraid to invest in a tote bag that has the Gucci logo on it, as the tote bags like this tend to carry additional discounts in comparison to some of the other designs. However, if you would prefer a Gucci tote bag that is simply basic elegant leather and big enough for you to fit your workday essentials inside, then be sure to watch for the pre-sale and place your order as quickly as possible. This is because the popular styles do tend to disappear quickly on Black Friday!

Gucci top handle bags

Recently, Gucci has introduced a new style of handle bag that incorporates bamboo into the handle and outer layer of the material, and the public is simply eating it up. Not only does this bamboo give the bag a contemporary feel, it is great for the winter months when your handle bag will require heavier fabric and layering.

Whilst you can get a great deal for this bag on Black Friday, be sure that this handbag will meet your size requirements. Although it can be great for carrying around smaller objects, if you are looking to carry around larger objects, you may need to invest in a Gucci backpack instead.

Gucci shoulder bags

A Gucci shoulder bag is one of the most flexible bag brands in the sale. With short straps, medium straps and long thin straps, they can look as formal as they need to be.

The straps can just be a thick leather, but if you want to make your bag look extremely formal, then the straps can be replaced with a chain. Be sure to consider the size of your shoulder bag – as, whilst some can be very large and carry a number of books, some come in the form of chained clutches that may only be able to contain a few makeup items, your purse and your phone.

Gucci backpacks

One of the best things about investing in a Gucci backpack on Black Friday is that it is available in styles for both men and women. Hence, a Gucci backpack could make the perfect gift for a loved one around the Christmas period.

The majority of bags from the Gucci backpack collection are made from leather and are either in a very classy pattern or a deep color like black, grey or dark brown. Some even come with fashionable badges sewn onto them, making each bag the perfect carrier for university or on a small trip.

Gucci luggage

It’s time to upgrade your luggage with a once-in-a-lifetime Gucci deal from the Black Friday sales. Instead of carrying around a simple cloth sack or bland luggage case, why not invest in a product that is guaranteed to have a long life due to its leather material?

With Gucci offering around 30-50% off their luggage bags (due to promo codes and coupons), you are bound to find a travel bag which is large enough to carry all of your clothes from one side of the country to the other while remaining stylish in its design.

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