The best Black Friday deals to be expected from Groupon this year

Scott Polachuk

Groupon is always a great place to look for financially attractive deals on a variety of exciting products. However, the bargains there can look especially generous on Black Friday. Here are some of the best deals that can be expected on Friday, November 24.

1. Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Wristband

The Fitbit name seems to have become synonymous with fitness bands – and for good reason, judging from the generous ratings and plaudits that the company’s bands often attract.
The Fitness Charge 2 certainly hasn’t eluded critical acclaim, either. As well as monitoring how many steps you take and the distance you travel, it can estimate how many calories you have burned and track your heart rate, which you will be able to see on the interactive OLED display.
This Black Friday, Groupon is slashing its price by 7%, dropping it from $149.99 to $139.99.

2. Apple MacBook Air 11.6″ Laptop with Intel Core i5 CPU (Refurbished)

MacBooks are beautiful and efficient notebooks for a wide array of productivity tasks – from simple word-processing to sophisticated video editing. One common stumbling point is the significant expense of buying one; however, you can relieve that burden in one big way on Black Friday…
To go into more detail, you can pick up a refurbished version of the 11.6-inch MacBook Air for just $539.99. That’s 40% less than the usual asking price of $899.99.

3. Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ 64GB 4G LTE Smartphone (GSM and CDMA Unlocked)

Edge-to-edge display? Stunning resolution? Water resistance? No, we’re not talking about the much-hyped iPhone X, but instead Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ handsets.
Both phones sport Quad HD+ resolution displays for richly detailed photos and movies, which can look especially good on the S8+’s display, the largest of any Samsung phone. Also, while the iPhone X is an eye-watering $999, these phones are priced from $624.99 – 14% lower than the usual $724.99.

4. Rusk Curl Freak Professional Hair Curling Machine

Many women love to bring immaculate curls to their hair; however, attempting to do so with a traditional curling iron can be straining and fussy.
Fortunately, this wonderful little machine makes the task much easier. The device’s ceramic curl chamber can be used to coil and heat up hair to produce the desired curls. There’s even the inclusion of a preset timer useful for when you want to make a soft or defined curl or loose wave.
The typical price of $119.99 has been slashed by 42% down to $69.99, thanks to Groupon.

5. Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord-Free Stick Vacuum (Certified Refurbished)

There’s a particularly good reason why the Dyson name has become strongly associated with vacuum cleaners: the company has had a revolutionary effect on vacuum cleaners in general.
Inspired by the sight of a giant cyclone trapping sawdust at a timber yard, the engineer James Dyson embarked on a journey to make a vacuum cleaner that uses cyclone technology. The result was impressive – as is the 43% discount on this V6 cleaner, which is now $229.99 but usually $399.99.

6. Sofa-Style Orthopedic Pet Bed Mattress

Naturally, you always want to make sure your pet is comfortable when they sleep – and this is especially the case when they are suffering a disorder affecting their muscles, joints or ligaments.
This would be known as an orthopedic disorder – and this mattress can boost the comfort for your pet, who can lay their head on the soft bolstered edges and feel soothed by the deep foam.
Another source of comfort for you is that this product, the starting price of which is usually $69.99, is now $16.99 – a massive 76% lower – from Groupon.

7. Emoji Charm Bracelet in 18K White Gold Plating

We all know what emojis look like – there’s hardly a shortage of them on our phone screens! You can even have them around your wrist, thanks to this brass alloy bracelet with an 18K white gold chain. The actual emojis, meanwhile, comprise 18K yellow gold.
The chain is in a snake form, allowing attention to be drawn to the emojis. Groupon has delivered a 78% cut to this bracelet, which you can now buy for $9.99 despite the typical $45 price.

8. Hot Shapers Waist-Trimmer Slimming Shirt

Your weight loss efforts can come to greater fruition when you wear this shirt – which, during exercise, can keep your body warm while stimulating sweat. However, you could still easily move in this shirt, due to its lightweight and stretchy fabric.
This 60% neoprene, 30% polyester, and 10% nylon garment would usually set you back at least $59.95, but Groupon has taken 53% off that for a starting tag of $27.99 instead.

9. Giant 8ft. Teddy Bear, Panda Bear, or Polar Bear

Kids love teddy bears; that’s a fact, surely? It’s also a fact that, whereas one of these 8-feet teddy, panda, and polar bears usually begins at $599.99 in price, Groupon is offering them from $129.99. That represents a hefty 78% price cut.
Imagine your own kids’ eyes lighting up as they see one of the bears before rushing to hug and cuddle it. It’d be a very endearing sight – as would the bear as a bedroom decoration.

10. Google Home

If you were busy at home and wanted to know the weather forecast, the nearest shop’s opening times, how busy local traffic is, and many other things, you could benefit from having Google Home at close hand. You could fire questions to this smart speaker and get quick responses. Google Home, which houses the intelligent Google Assistant software, is just $129 from Groupon.
With this list, we have tried to carefully select products from a wide range of categories. However, they really only hint at the impressive choice of Black Friday deals which Groupon will be offering this year. You can find a more comprehensive list of Black Friday bargains on the Groupon site. You can make what remains of 2017 more cost-effective than what has so far passed of 2017.

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