Things to buy for your home on Black Friday

Scott Polachuk

By the time you read this, most, if not all, of your favorite stores will have probably unveiled their full range of cut-price deals for this year’s Black Friday. However, you shouldn’t necessarily see this as your cue to hurriedly scramble for deals as soon as they become available.

That’s because the key to bagging the best-value bargains on one of the year’s biggest shopping days is being strategic about what you buy and when, as these examples of discounted goods attest…

Bar stools

In your kitchen, bar stools can serve an array of useful purposes. For example, they are space-efficient but also, in many instances, taller and more slender than a typical chair – and, for that reason, can help you to make the room feel larger.

While you would be well-advised to measure between your kitchen’s floor and your breakfast bar’s highest point before you start shopping for bar stools, rest assured that this seating is available in various forms – including budget buys that could become even cheaper come Black Friday.


Sometimes, you might just yearn to unwind and pamper yourself. You might even need it after rushing around on Black Friday! Fortunately, as there’s no shortage of different vanities ready for home use, you could see sense in shopping around for some on the big day.

Whether you want a free-standing, round, square or rectangular vanity, perhaps for the bathroom or kitchen, you could be pleasantly surprised by the enticing discounts that apply on Black Friday.

Area rugs

If there’s something aesthetically missing in your home, but you can’t quite figure out what, the inadvertent omission could be an area rug. A textile floor covering of this type bought from a Black Friday range can serve various visual purposes, including uniting the room’s colors.

Area rugs can also add accent and texture while, quite simply, providing a comfortably soft surface on which to sit, making them especially ideal buys if you have bare hard-surface flooring.

Kitchen appliances

If your kitchen has a few obvious gaps where appliances should be, Black Friday is a good time to change that, as retailers tend to order more of them than they stock. As a result, prices of such appliances as coffeemakers, toasters, slow cookers and blenders can fall by 40-50%.

Unfortunately, the doorbusters at such department stores as Kohl’s are usually cheap due to these appliances’ tendency to falter quite early, but they can more than suffice for relatively undemanding recipients such as college students.


These can also be deemed essentials in the kitchen, though they aren’t the kind of appliances where you could easily contend with early breakages. Indeed, you might consider them closer to luxuries than essentials, but you can get a surprisingly decent one at an attractive price if you look carefully.

Last year, for example, Sears was offering a Kenmore Elite 14815 24″ Built-In Dishwasher with Micro Clean Filtration for only $900 – representing a $450 discount on the list price.


Black Friday is also a convenient time to replace a dated-looking fridge. You could be surprised by how sophisticated even cut-price fridges have become since you last bought one – just consider LG’s 23.5 Cu. Ft French InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Refrigerator…

On last year’s Black Friday, Best Buy stocked the black stainless steel model priced at just $3,000 – a saving of $1,199 on the typical retail price. Wine fridges are another Black Friday option – though, if you lack space for any in your kitchen, a wine cooler can make an even cheaper alternative anyway.


A stove isn’t the kind of appliance you likely feel the need to buy too often. However, your hand might nonetheless be forced – perhaps because your current stove is clearly outdated and no longer meets your needs, or you have moved house, and a stove you need isn’t provided at your new abode.

When it comes to large appliances for the home, manufacturers usually announce their latest models around September and October. As a result, if some older models of stove haven’t yet sold out by Black Friday, retailers could be tempted to discount them for that occasion.

These are just some examples of things often worth buying for the home on Black Friday. Other worthy examples include TVs, pots, pans, ladders, vacuum cleaners and dryers, while you could also save big money picking up Christmas decorations, as Christmas itself will be relatively near; many people will have bought their festive decorations already by then.

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Things to buy for your home on Black Friday

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