Unique charms available from Pandora this year

Danielle Johnson

There is nothing better than using a charm bracelet to hold your precious memories. Here are some unique charms from Pandora this year that can make your bracelet truly special.

Christmas Reindeer Charm

With the end of the year fast approaching, why not purchase a Happy Reindeer Charm to commemorate Christmas 2018? This charm is simply adorable, while the reindeer itself is actually made of rose gold and has a little Cubic Zirconia collar. It is the perfect charm for standing out on your bracelet.

Santa in Space

If you want to extend the Christmas spirit, then why not go for a quirkier charm? The Santa in Space charm is in the shape of a rocket ship with a little Santa on top. It is the perfect holiday gift for any Pandora collector, especially if you want a humorous Christmas reference. It certainly gives Santa a much more fuel-efficient means of travelling around the world.

Limited Disney Charm

Who doesn’t love a product that is modelled on Mickey Mouse? With the arrival of Disney’s 90th Anniversary, Pandora is happy to help celebrate the occasion with a charm that holds a sculpture of Mickey Mouse leaning on a golden “90”. This charm is limited edition, so if you are a Disney lover, you will have to get your hands on it quickly!

Personal Galaxy Safety Chain Charm

As the latest theme for our charms is Space, Pandora just couldn’t resist putting a romantic twist upon it. Take a look at the Personal Galaxy Safety Chain, modelled on a safety chain and adorned with sterling silver stars and crescent moon.

It is the perfect gift to give to someone starting off their journey in life or just a quick way of saying that your worlds will always be interconnected. The message is subtle, but the charm’s design is truly “out of this world.”

Bruno the Unicorn Charm

Not all of our charms need to have a serious subject matter or message. We completely understand that the gift of a charm for a Pandora Charm Bracelet needs to be unique. If your gift is to cater to the tastes of a more quirky, fun-loving person, then “Bruno the Unicorn” is the perfect charm for them.

Modelled on an adorable unicorn sitting upright with a cute face and little hearts on its feet, it is the perfect design for someone who is a happy-go-lucky fantasy lover. Though we can’t find our friends and lovers a unicorn in real life, this doesn’t mean that we can’t please them with the next best thing: a unicorn charm.

Pandora Reflexions Clip Crown

Maybe she’s the Queen of your heart or just worthy of a crown; either way, Pandora’s Reflexions Clip Crown charm is the perfect way of letting your loved one know how precious they are to you.

Not only does this charm come in a variety of colors – including gold, rose gold and silver – along with Cubic Zirconia jewels in a studded formation, it is also a unique charm due to its clipping feature.

Instead of having to thread the charm to your bracelet, you merely need to clip it onto the position you want and clip it off when you want to change it. This makes it extremely handy when you want to change up your charms for the day!

Scarecrow Guardian Charm

Your love for your partner should be as individual as a thumbprint. Instead of buying them a simple heart, why not buy them a guardian charm in order to protect your relationship?

The Scarecrow Guardian Charm, in particular, is extremely cute and especially useful if your partner enjoys gardening. Your love is like a crop and should be tendered to and protected by your new scarecrow charm. The 18ct gold plating will give your partner yet another reason to simply adore this addition to her charm bracelet.

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