What 2017 Cyber Monday Taught Us to Help Us Find the Best Deals In 2018

Scott Polachuk

Although Black Friday is infamous for its extreme shoppers, waiting lines and discounts, Cyber Monday has become the next in line in the family tree for potential bargain days. Whilst it is not as famous as Black Friday, it is an undeniable event in which online shoppers can find products at an extremely discounted price, and even have them sent to their house without the hassle of waiting in a queue. This was a success last year, but in 2018 Cyber Monday must be thoroughly planned in order to avoid it turning into a montage of endless spending. This list will assist you in creating a plan to find the best deals in 2018.

Be secure on what you want to buy

It can be very easy to get swept up in the excitement and sudden dip in the prices on your computer screen. However, don’t be fooled by some of the prices, as it is essential that you understand that some of these bargains may not be as cheap as you think. Begin by plotting out what you are most interested in buying, this way you can stay on task and not be distracted by any unessential bargains. It can also allow you to search multiple servers at a time for the same product so you can keep an eye on how much of a discount different stores may be willing to provide. What you do not want or need is not going to be of much use of you, so feel free to ignore any products that will only provide a distraction to your main objective.

Compare and Compare Again

It is essential for any bargain hunter to compare prices between the bigger shopping platforms. Price Comparison Websites are the perfect tool for locating Cyber Monday Deals without simply jumping on the cheapest price you first locate. Instead of focusing on the larger stores, make sure to look for coupons and discount codes in order to bring down the price to its lowest amount. You can even have different tabs of the same product open on your internet browser to help you consider your options.

Keeping your debt low

Although Cyber Monday is a fantastic opportunity to buy some extremely expensive products, you do have to keep a straight head on in regards to what you buy. Discounts may appear to be extremely attractive, but overall, they are mainly used to encourage you to buy more products. You do not want to fall into debt by spending too much.

Before Cyber-Monday begins, be sure to create a plan to check your finances and to estimate how much you are considering spending. You may even want to consider creating a spreadsheet to document the products you want to buy and how much each may be with their discounts. This can help you discern which are the most important, and others that you may want to buy in the future. Resist the temptation to overspend and stick to your budget, this will serve you well in the long run, as you do not want to spend money on objects that will not help you.

Cyber Monday is a utopia for Technology Deals

Whilst Black Friday was a kingdom for appliance, clothing and make up deals, Cyber Monday has a fantastic range of technology devices that can be bought online. If you are looking for Wacom and Apple products, then eBay and Amazon (and Amazon Prime) offered a fantastic array of tablets, mobile devices and iPad. To sweeten the deal, Amazon even cut off $1,000 off its Surface Book stock. If you are an artist or technology enthusiast, it may be better to wait until Cyber Monday instead of immediately jumping on the first discount you see in Black Friday. Usually large brands are passionate about selling as much stock as possible, thus may be willing to cut the price even lower on the next discount event. Save your pennies and be patient, as the waiting game is sure to find you a fantastic deal.

Early Deals

It is set in stone that Cyber-Monday is strictly a 24-hr affair, meaning that after the Monday is over, the prices will return to their previous state. However, that does not stop stores from encouraging potential buyers to look into their produce with early deals and even discount codes. Brands are desperate to steal clients away from their competition, so they are not scared to try and bring in the customers early with these bargains. In order to locate these deals, make sure that you are signed up to the email listings of the company’s marketing section. You can even scan magazines in your local store to see if there are any additional coupons that can be cut out and stored for Cyber Monday.

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