For a modern alternative to many traditional-looking curtains, blinds can be a stylish and often minimalist addition to any window. From wooden to plastic blinds, there is such a wide variety to choose from that there will always be the perfect set of blinds to not only fit a window of almost any size but also suit the overall interior of your house.

Mini blinds

A horizontal window blind consisting of many long, narrow slats held together with a long piece of string, mini blinds are perhaps the most common type of window blind. Closed by either rotating a rod or pulling a string, these mini blinds create a stylish and modern look to any window area.

Often made from strong and durable aluminum, mini blinds are very common throughout households as a result of their easy fitting as well as their enduring nature.

Mini blinds are often an inexpensive purchase, with many deals and bargains available as a result of their popularity. Direct Blinds offer a wide variety of mini blinds which are suitable for almost all of your requirements.

Faux wood blinds

In the past, blinds were made from wooden slats which were held firmly together with a length of rope. However, recently, blinds have evolved in order to provide a more efficient and cheaper alternative to wood. This means that faux wood blinds have grown in popularity over the years.

A cheaper alternative to wooden blinds, faux wood blinds keep all the traditional aesthetic value of wood blinds, but at half the cost. Available in various wood patterns including oak, ash, mahogany and gloss finishes, faux wood blinds are a great alternative to their more expensive wooden counterparts.

Shutter blinds

The hybrid shutter blinds are a unique mixture of shutters and blinds to create a window covering which can regulate the amount of light that enters the room. Providing more control over the light you wish to let into the room, shutter blinds can either be opened like shutters for more light or like blinds for less light - the choice is completely up to you!

A mixture of traditional shutters and more modern blinds, the shutter blind hybrid is the perfect compromise between providing an elegant, timeless look and serving a practical use.

Roman shades

A type of fabric window covering used to block out sunlight, roman shades are attached with a piece of string and can be lifted to completely open your window space, half it, or block it out. As a result of roman shades using a rope system, you have full control over how much light enters your room.

Available in various colors, shades, patterns and fabrics, roman shades are the perfect addition to your elegant household look. Whether you prefer a subtler look or a bolder appearance, roman shades can provide many different aesthetics - almost any pattern or color you want! These different types of roman shades are a bargain from Hillary’s.

Honeycomb blinds

If you require your blinds to not only aesthetically please but also serve as a form of insulation for your home, honeycomb blinds are the perfect window covering for you! The cell-like shapes of the blinds trap air in-between the material, creating a thick barrier between the cold surface of the window and the warm interior of your room.

Much like roman shades, honeycomb blinds are available in a broad choice of colors from Zebra Blinds and can add more minimalism or boldness to a residence's look.