After a hard day’s work, one of the best experiences for anyone is to settle up on your couch for a cup of tea and a well-earned biscuit. However, to make a good cup of tea, coffee or any warm drink, you need a good kettle that will boil quickly, not use too much power but also show you when your drink is ready. Here are some reviews of the top brands of kettles so you can make the best decision for your kitchen.

One of the Priciest Selections

Whilst you may be after something a little cheaper, it is always good to start with what is one of the top products on the market. The Smeg KLF03 has a sleek design and is one of the fastest boiling kettles out on the market so far. With a lid that flips with a simple button press, an economical refill at 250 ml and a smooth pouring tilt, it is extremely fast at creating the perfect beverage without any potential spills. Not only that, but the company, Kenwood, has a strong record of selling top of the line products, thus their products are very unlikely to break.

Not only that but with a 74 cm cable, it is reasonable to pull it out to a suitable length. The only problem with this model is that it appears that there is no measure on the device which allows you to see how much water has been added to the kettle.

One of the Most Stylish Brands

If you are looking for a kettle that is ready to make a real statement, then a good investment would be in the DeLonghi Avvolta. There is only one way of describing this kettle: stylish. With its quirky design in many colors, though red appears to be a favorite of the general public, it has a fantastic boiling time and a good limescale filter, especially in regards to its pouring abilities.

However, despite its comfortable buying price, as the kettle is made out of plastic, you may find it very difficult to pour it appropriately without overheating or potentially burning your hands. In addition to this, as the lid is not attached to the kettle itself, it must be handled with care, especially when hot, to be pulled off to replace the water.

For the sake of sleek Modernism

For a mere, $112 why not consider investing into the Argento Flora range. They all share a sleek chrome style; however they can come in a varied number of colors and shapes, especially as they have been inspired by alfresco art work. With a soft and round shape, it comes with twin neo power-on lights, as well as safety features that fully switch off the water once it has boiled. The water filter is also removeable and washing machine friendly, meaning that you can get rid of any built up limescale.

However, do keep in mind that whilst the device does look very attractive, it is certainly not the most eco-friendly, as it does require 500ml of water for a minimum boil. This means that you cannot simply make one cup of tea in order to save energy. Instead you will need to focus on making several to keep your electricity prices down.

The Pretty Kettle

You may be a bit worried about using a glass kettle, for fear that the boiling water may make the glass crack and end up in the water. But fear not, for brands like the George Kettle, their transparency is what makes them unique on the market. As the kettle is made from glass, it does keep the water hotter for a longer period of time, and is fantastic for its heating rates. But be warned, the limescale filter is not as effective as alternative models.

Cheap but Effective

Although the kettles that have been discussed so far are known to be extremely effective when making their cups of tea, their price range can send a heart into palpitations. Why not look into a cheaper model for only $38? The George Fast Boil Kettle is not only from a super market range, but is a known favorite for purchase. Its exterior is sleek and modern, but the best thing about this kettle is that when it is boiling it will light up with a bright blue. When it has finished boiling its water then it will turn red. This is the perfect way to understand when to switch off the kettle to know that your tea is completed.

This kettle does boil pretty quickly and has an extremely descent limescale filter, which can compare to products that are at least four times its price. However, it can have problems with its spout as it is prone to dripping if over-filled. Also, if limescale does tend to grow then it can be difficult to clean it off, as the lid is attached and you may not be able to wipe the lime scale away.