With the holiday season approaching, you may want to get your kitchen ready for any guests that want to join you for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Nothing smells more like Christmas spirit than a kitchen filled with the scent of gingerbread or a Christmas dinner. However, in order to make any of these special treats then you will need the right Mixer. Some mixers may be more efficient than others, so instead of beating your eggs until your hand has cramp, here are some ideas to get you started in regards to choosing the perfect mixer for your kitchen.

Before you pick your machine

Before you consider your options on the market, be aware of the product you are looking for in regards to its appearance and abilities. If you have a sleek modern kitchen, you do not want it to be covered in flowers. Think about its style and colour and this will assist you in finding something that will match your tastes. For instance, if you have a black and chrome kitchen, you may want the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer to suit your style. But if your kitchen is smaller than average and will only fit a certain number of appliances, keep your mixer small and compact. This will give you room to work around it, and any guests that enter your workspace.

You may also need to consider whether you are buying a food mixer, which focuses on classic baking needs, or a Kitchen Machine, which adds additional food processing to its accessories for meat and vegetables. How many times will you actually use your food mixer? If you only intend to use it for the holiday period, then you may want to consider buying a food mixer over a Kitchen Machine. However, if you intend to use it to make the Christmas Dinner, then a Kitchen machine, though more expensive, will be far more useful to you.

Here are some other things to keep an eye out when considering your mixer:

• Speed and settings of the mixer
• The size of the bowl
• Any additional features on the mixer - does it come with a mixer, dough-hook or slicing and grating discs?
• Accessories that will help you with your baking needs
• The overall appearance and color

For the Simple Baker

Whilst it may be old fashioned to suggest this, sometimes what is needed in the kitchen is a two-pronged blender. It is small, compact and can be easily stored. Whilst it may not come with fancy accessories, or even a bowl, the Dualit Chrome Hand Mixer 89300 is moderately cheap and has top speeds in order for you to mix the batter as efficiently as possible. It also comes with a varied number of whisks that can be inserted and replaced as desired. It also has a retractable cord which can be hooked up to any power device, before being cleaned and tidied away. It is extremely efficient and perfect for any novice baker that simply wants to cook and then quickly tidy up after themselves.

Heavy Metal Mixers

When you pick your mixer, you do not want a flimsy machine that is prone to moving as soon as it is switched on. This can cause a disaster in regards to any recipe and can mean that your cookie batter ends up on the floor instead of in a baking tray. Why not invest in the KitchenAid Mini stand mixer with its strong steel rim, meaning that its base does not move even with the quickest of speeds, and its compact size, allowing it to fit snuggly into any kitchen. The steel bowl is of medium size and will allow you to make most dessert recipes within it without much fuss, or any flour spilling over the side of the bowl. This machine is sleek and will make a fantastic addition to any kitchen, as well as to the holiday spirit.

Tilt that Mixer

Instead of going for a traditional mixer, why not look into a sleek design that allows for mobility in its whisks and head to provide an easy way to clean and replace its whisks. This is the KitchenAid Limited Edition 100 Year Heritage Artisan Series and, whilst being pricy, is one of the best mixers on the market. This mixer is most certainly for a more experienced baker, as it comes with a number of shaped whisks, for all your baking and cooking needs, as well as 5-quart White Coated Stainless Bowl. Although it may not be the eco-friendliest design, it is known for high speeds and easy access to the ingredients whilst the bowl is attached to the mixer.

This mixer is recommended for both baking as well as batter making, and any additional soup blending should you wish to make more meals for the family. It is perfect for both the holiday season and any events that fall outside of it.