As we gear up for the Black Friday reductions, we thought we’d put together a useful guide to our Michael Kors handbag collection. Whether it’s for yourself or a Christmas gift, this will help you get to grips with the latest Michael Kors releases to suit you.

Michael Kors Voyager Tote Bag

The Michael Kors Voyager Tote bag should be your essential Black Friday target purchase. The Voyager is renowned for its timeless aesthetic appeal in both functionality and style. Crafted from Michael Kors cross grain leather and fitted with adjustable shoulder straps, the Voyager is a powerful piece because its design appeals to all ages, making it the perfect Christmas gift for a partner or relative. It is available in a diverse collection of unique color palettes as well as one-off Michael Kors designs.

Michael Kors Mercer Tote Bag

If you secure yourself a Michael Kors Mercer tote bag in those Black Friday sales, you will have really done yourself some good business. The Mercer is a statement piece from the women’s collection, delivering a more contemporary silhouette and crafted from pebbled leather for durability.

Additionally, the Mercer is available in sleek and unique real snakeskin designs to suit the more adventurous fashionistas among you. Suitable for both over the shoulder and underarm, carrying the Mercer is about as sophisticated and chic as it gets when it comes to the Michael Kors tote collection.

Michael Kors Maddie Tote Bag

The Maddie Tote Bag from Michael Kors is a perfect gift or discount purchase this Black Friday if you’re looking for a bag that oozes versatility and contemporary design. Available in a collection of differing sizes, the Maddie Tote is comprised of sturdy cross grain leather to provide longevity and timeless appeal.

The minimalist aesthetic of the Maddie means that it provides a subtle stylistic message while also delivering wholesale benefits when it comes to carrying your essential items across the city or during an overnight stay.

Michael Kors Wallets

Across the Michael Kors product range, the Wallet collection is perhaps the most versatile of the lot. Available for both men and women, a Michael Kors wallet provides that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one who is need of a designer item to hold their cards or wallets.

The men’s collection includes zip-around, card case, and billfold wallets - meaning that they’re suitable for all preferences of carry. Some people prefer the streamline approach of the card case, while others prefer the chunkier durability of the billfold. However, whatever you prefer, you can always guarantee forward-thinking design and statement pieces with Michael Kors.

Michael Kors Backpacks

In recent months, designer backpacks have become a must-have accessory, with no brand amplifying this trend better than Michael Kors.

Available as part of a collection of sophisticated, classic and contemporary backpack designs for both men and women, a Michael Kors backpack is the statement piece for you. Whether it’s the standard design of the ‘Jet Set’ logo backpack for men or the more versatile satchel design of the ‘Henry’, a Michael Kors backpack should, this Black Friday, be the first buy on your list.

Michael Kors Shoulder Bag

The Michael Kors Shoulder Bag is versatile, contemporary and suitable for a wholesome collection of occasions. Make your Black Friday shoulder bag purchase now and find the perfect style accessory for those winter get-togethers and holiday occasions.

Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of the ‘Miranda Large’ or the more classic and ornamental appeal of the ‘Bancroft Snakeskin’, we guarantee that a shoulder bag will benefit you this holiday season. Shop the collection now.