Particular footwear brands have become strongly associated with top-tier athletes; think the brands of Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma, to cite just a few examples. With Black Friday on the way, you will soon have great opportunities to save money on the following sports-friendly footwear.

Nike shoes

At the time of writing, Nike hasn't yet revealed all of its own offers on footwear for this Black Friday. However, from what unfolded last year, we can judge what the corporation might be planning.

Traditionally, Nike has tended to save a number of new releases for Black Friday every year. Many of these shoes will be charged at their MSRP rather than dramatically discounted – but Black Friday can still feel like a big event for Nike fans, as those shoes will be launching for the first time.

Nike also tends to apply discounts in other parts of its website – but you might have to look carefully for those deals, as they aren't usually displayed in the most organized way.

Adidas shoes

Again, as we write, we can't be certain exactly what Adidas will unveil on November 23, when Black Friday hits. However, the company's pre-Thanksgiving deals this year look like a good omen, as discounts ranging from 20% to 50% have been applied to particular clothes and shoes.

Reebok shoe

Like Adidas, Reebok has unveiled an array of appealing pre-Thanksgiving deals that can look even sweeter if you register with the company's mailing list, for which you will receive a 15% off coupon.

One of the most exciting aspects of buying footwear through the Reebok website is being able to design your own shoes. With Reebok offering 30% off all of its custom-designed shoes last year, we can expect the company to follow suit this year.

However, even if you want to buy a ready-made shoe from the Reebok range, you might be able to get 50% off the price, judging from the Black Friday sale that Reebok ran last year.

Puma shoes

Over the years, Puma has proven one of the most reliable providers of enticing Black Friday deals. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, it has been common for the sportswear brand to slash all of its online prices by 30% and take as much as 50% off ‘doorbuster’ item prices.

New Balance shoes

Footwear from New Balance is typically pricier than that from competing manufacturers. However, by placing such technical features as blended gel inserts and heel counters into its footwear, New Balance has largely made itself to sports footwear what Apple is to smartphones.

Given the typical expense of New Balance shoes, price cuts can be especially welcome – and if we look at the company's past form, we can anticipate the storewide savings reaching 25%. A number of shoes could even be reduced by over 50% in price.

Converse shoes

If you love Converse shoes but often remain cash-strapped, you might spend a lot of time perusing the clearance section of Converse's online factory store. However, Converse isn't shy about cutting the prices of even clearance items on Black Friday, giving you a great incentive to wait until then.

In recent years, the store has applied a discount of 25% to each clearance item and allowed buyers to have their clearance products shipped for free. It therefore hasn't been wholly beyond possibility for buyers to pick up new sneakers priced more than 50% lower than the usual retail price.

However, last year, you needed a promo code to be able to benefit from the discount of 25% – so this year, watch out for when that code is publicly revealed.