If you lead an active lifestyle then a small SUV may just be your best friend. Whether you spend the majority of your time navigating urban streets trying to make it to training or the gym in time or you enjoy powering through rugged dirt tracks, auto makers have really came up trumps with their small SUVs in recent years. Stand by for an all-access pass to some wild adventures and don’t worry, active lifestyles certainly aren’t limited to the wealthy, the automotive industry produces small SUVs for every price range, buying second-hand is also a good option.

Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL 4

Not only is this the newest Mini in the brand’s history but also the biggest. The brand have certainly addressed some size complaints of the past with the Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL 4 but have stayed true to their brand. Sitting higher than any rival hatchback currently on the market, this small SUV boasts 6.5” of ground clearances meaning it is perfect for those off-road adventures. Its spaciousness also means you will struggle to find another hatchback with more cargo space, it is perfect for storing and transporting all of your camping and climbing gear. The clue is in the name with ALL 4 and you can bet your bottom dollar this vehicle has AWD. Whilst we don’t advise you to take one rock-crawling, it’s still the perfect accessory for an active lifestyle as it is perfect for gravel-strewn fire roads and snow-caked trails. The perfect contradiction of roomy yet compact, the S Countryman ALL 4 comes with a 189-horsepower inline owed to quick acceleration, precise steering and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. If you’re looking to buy new, you’re looking to part with around $30,000 but its worth for this beauty of an SUV.

Honda CR V

Whilst you may be on the hunt for a small SUV, you don’t want to end up with something too small as that is only going to hinder, rather than help your active lifestyle. We know all too well that many compact SUVs on the market look big on the outside but can be rather cramped on the inside, the back seat is often only accommodating enough for a small child and there is nowhere near enough cargo space. Well, unlike other auto makers with their small SUVs, the Honda CR-V’s interior capacity certainly does not disappoint and the backseat is spacious enough for two large adults, plus equipment. Available from $24,000, the Honda CR V is a lot cheaper than what you would get from other auto makers but the savings don’t stop there, even when gas prices are low, the CR-V will save you as much money as possible at the pump with an impressive miles per gallon rating, around 27 in the city and on the highway, you’re looking at nearer to 34.

You can be forgiven for thinking that because of such good gas mileage, the CR-V is underpowered but that’s certainly not the case. Three years ago, the CR-V powertrain received an almighty upgrade and boy, can you notice. The 2.4 liter, four-cylinder engine delivers horsepower of 185 and torque that will blow your mind. Of course, if you’re going to be going off-road or along snow-caked roads safety is paramount and that’s something Honda thrives on. The SUV’s LaneWatch technology means it is easy for the driver to monitor the passenger side blind spot, the Touring trim also includes lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings and adaptive cruise control meaning it’s ideal for any rugged tracks.

Jeep Cherokee

The Jeep Cherokee has all of the versatility and flexibility needed to help with your active lifestyle, whether it’s grocery shopping, the school run, camping or snowboarding, you’ll be well covered. With 60/40 split second-row seats that slide forwards and backwards, not only is their added comfort but also extra space for cargo, whether it is your groceries or snowboard. On the subject, the seats also recline, so after a busy day of exercise, extreme sports, or bumpy off-road driving there’s the perfect relaxation options. The Jeep Cherokee really does make no compromise when it comes to passenger comfort.

The Jeep Cargo Management System is available with all of their SUVs regardless of size and the Cherokee certainly makes the most of rear cargo space, gifting you the versatility needed for an active lifestyle. In addition to this, compatible Mopar accessories are also provided, including a cargo bin, first aid/emergency kit, collapsible cooler and an off-road accessory kit so you’re covered for all situations. If you’re after a Cherokee for yourself, you can pick up a 2015 model second-hand for just $17,000.