When it comes to the holiday season, just the right present for a much-loved friend or relative could be a pair of western boots. Here are the best brands that just have to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree.

Justin Boots

If you are looking for an authentic "old-school" brand of western boots, then Justin Boots is as traditional as they come. The business has "had its foot in the industry" since 1879 and is also a household name for admirers of the Western style.

You know you are getting quality with a pair of Justin Boots. Each boot comes with a variety of patterns up the hilt of the boot and even has a flexible size, with some of the shoes being ankle height and others offering protection up to the calf muscle.

Justin Boots are currently offering a discount of 25% - and, if you visit their website, you can learn some of the best ways of cleaning and preserving the leather of your boots.

Lucchese Boots

When it comes to western brands, some classic styles can seem "mainstream" in their appearance. This is not the case with a pair of Lucchesse Boots. While these boots may be expensive, this is because they are of true quality. Each leather set is hand-stained in order to give it a quirky and colorful appearance.

Western Boots like these should be mainly used on a special occasion but are also perfect for any western performer or worker seeking to jazz up their outfit. Keep an eye on the clearance sales throughout the holiday season, as this is where you are going to find the best deals on Lucchese Boots.

Tony Lama Boots

Does anything feel better on the feet than a pair of handcrafted western boots from Tony Lama? Perfect for any working man or woman, Tony Lama boots give you a great way to retain a professional air of confidence if you work in a manual labor job.

This brand truly indulges in a classic style, using different shades of brown for a traditional look while also using stitching to make the patterns of each boot unique.

Take a look through the brand's categories and pick which pattern you like the most. Options include stars, swirls, clouds and curved symbols. The boots can even be carved to have the patterns in the front leather, giving the boot a classy but subtle appearance.

Bean Boots

If you are looking for your first ever pair of western boots, then Bean Boots are undoubtedly an enticing option. Over the Christmas period, the company even knocks $10 off the price of any of its boots - on the condition that you sign up to receive the company's email marketing. Indulge in these boots' bright colors and strong leather exteriors, as the latter will truly keep your feet protected outside.

Old Gringo Boots

Do you seek a pair of specialized boots as a Christmas present for your son or daughter? Introduce them to the world of western boots by purchasing a pair of Old Gringo Boots. These boots offer unique patterning and size, making them perfect for a youngster to walk around in.

Invest in a subtle pair of small black leather boots or go all-out on a truly flamboyant pair of boots that, with the art of flowers, tattoos and the appearance of old paint, look full of character.


Ariat fully understands that a western boot design does not need to stay in the box. Instead, the company incorporates a rainbow look to its boots, using an autumn palette to keep the foot itself in brown leather while leaving the upper boot to blossom into a rainbow pattern.

These boots are perfect for any western hipster girl who wants to spruce up her look!