The Louis Vuitton brand is famous for its handbags but there is more than just handbags available from Louis Vuitton. Here are some top items from LV that would make a great gift this holiday season.

Louis Vuitton Scarfs and Shawls

If you are looking for a sophisticated look this winter a Louis Vuitton monogramed shawl or scarf may be just what you are looking for. Available in a variety of colors find the one that fits your personal style.

They come in a variety of materials such as soft shine yarn, soft silk and wool blend, denim, and blended dyed and lurex yarns.

These are luxury items, as with most Louis Vuitton items, and will cost you upwards of $600. The soft shine yarn is the most expensive coming in at $675 while the denim scarfs and classic silk - wool blends are available from $590.

Louis Vuitton Wallets

Louis Vuitton offers several styles of women’s wallets. They are generally categorized as Long Wallets, Compact Wallets, Chain Wallets, and Exotic Leather Wallets. In each category you can find a variety of styles and colors to fit your own personal style.

Long wallets vary in price but generally are available for between $500 and $2000 and there are over one hundred different styles of long wallets available.

Compact Wallets are generally smaller than long wallets and are available for between $350 and $1000. There are over 50 different styles of compact wallets with some small enough to be classified as a coin purse.

Chain wallets are again in the $500 to $2000 price range and offered in many styles. You can get a Mini Pochette Accessories Chain wallet for $310 but these are by far the lowest cost chain wallets available.

If you are looking for the Louis Vuitton wallet that makes a statement then the collection of 7 Exotic Leather Wallets is where you want to be. You can get compact, chain, zippy and twist wallets in exotic leather. The price ranges from $3200 for a zipply wallet up to $11000 for the signature Twist Chain Wallet.

Louis Vuitton Backpacks

Categorized under men you can find a variety of backpacks available from Louis Vuitton. The price range is something out of this world with the Josh backpack available for $1800 while the Cosmos Backpack made from crocodilian leather in titanium gray sells for a mere $85,000.

Louis Vuitton Handbags

The items that made Louis Vuitton famous has got to be the iconic handbag. Women around the globe want these bags for the style and status they bring with them. With over 600 different styles available in handbags from all price ranges, generally $2000 or more though, there is a lot to choose from. Again the most expensive items are made from exotic leathers and can cost upwards of $38,000.

Choosing your perfect bag will take some research though as they come in many different styles such as these styles of iconic bags, Neverfull, Speedy, Alma, Noé, Capucines, Twist, and Petite Malle. You can also check out their recent collections and several specialty items.