Everyone knows of the infamy of Black Friday and the chaos that follows the Black Friday Deals, where the public simply barge into stores and grabbed different appliances on sale, without really thinking of what they are buying and what is a real deal. This time, Black Friday 2018 will be a different story. It will be well planned and will allow you to see how you can snatch a good deal without falling into the consumer trap of just buy, buy, buy.

Do your Research

Last year, A Black Friday survey predicted around 115 million Americans planned to hit the shops in order to find a deal. However, many customers took this to extremes with violence against customers as well as store owners. Some even bought Walmart uniforms to skip the crowds and get into the stores first. To avoid this and to find the deals that you want, rather than just simply buying everything you see, only look into the essential products that you know you want out of these discounts.

Once you have found the right products, or have made a list of them, then you can start researching into the big companies, including Walmart, Cost Co and Target, to know their discounts and how much they would be willing to chop off the original price. This knowledge will be essential in planning your main attack, for you need to know the bargain price so you can compare it to other deals that you can get online. Online Price-Comparison websites, like PriceGrabber.Com., will allow you to see whether or not the deal is actually worth getting or whether you should get it online. You also need to consider whether or not there is anything else attached to it, such as payments or credit. You don’t want to fall into that trap. Instead compare and tick off items from the list. You will have your Black Friday Deals list in no time.

Sign up for Newsletters and Alerts

Instead of simply running around the store and asking employees about the deals on specific items, be sure to sign up to any news letters from your favourite stores, either via email or through the post. These will contain specific dates and discount information for Black Friday. Some of them may also hold coupons that you can use on the products in the store. However, be careful not to be swept in by these deals. Instead focus on the products you need so that you can avoid spending too much money on the big day.

Keep an eye out for earlier deals

In order to prepare consumers for Black Friday, some stores may want to increase interest and steal customers from their competitors, by pushing their sales earlier, as was seen from last year’s “Cyber Weekend”, in which mobile competitors tried to pull in customers at an earlier time to sell more phone products. Whilst this wasn’t as successful as Cyber Monday, it still gives us an idea of the earlier deals we can keep an eye out for.

Use Amazon to avoid the crowds

It was no surprise to hear last year that Amazon dominated the Black Friday sales, especially as it kept shoppers out of the firing line of the crowds that entered the stores. Compared to the larger stores in the USA, Amazon had around 54.9% of all online transactions on Black Friday. The reason it did so well? Convenience to the customer. Instead of rampaging in a store, the customer could easily go online, click to buy their product and then have it delivered to their home. There was no fuss and the transaction processes were smooth and quick, with no queues or fights.

Thus, instead of going into the store this time for Black Friday, why not consider giving Amazon a shot? It is a much safer option but be sure to compare those deals so you know you are getting the product for the best price.

If you know what you want, don’t rush for it

The busiest times to shop on Black Friday are in the morning between 6am and 9am, as this is the time when shoppers are first allowed into the store and allowed to run rampant. Some of these shoppers have been waiting for most of the night in order to gain their place in the queue, thus don’t feel intimidated by them if you want a calmer shopping experience. Whilst being early can help you secure the best deals, you don’t have to endure it. Instead, if you want to feel safer whilst walking around the store, go a little later in the day to see if there are any products that might interest you. If the store is interested in getting rid of it as quickly as possible, then you may be able to ask for a further discount.