You have always dreamed of owning a kitchen with all the perks; a top-class stove, a freezer and fridge and only the best of microwaves. However, when all this is in place, you may still feel like something is missing. Well, it is. The cherry on top of any suavely designed kitchen is to install a wine fridge. Whether you want a large one that stands out and is ready to serve guests, or a smaller version which can keep your favorite supply tucked away for special occasions, a wine fridge can be a subtle hint to anyone in your house that you are always ready to start a party with a fresh bottle. Here are some tips on how you can find the perfect wine fridge for your home.

Why do I need a Wine Fridge?

Before we dive into buying the perfect Wine Fridge, you need to be clear on why you want to actually install a wine cooler. For wine to taste its best, it needs to be kept at the correct temperature. Leaving it in a normal fridge can be expensive and also leave it as far too cold to be enjoyed. Wine Coolers provide a similar temperature to a Wine cave, and are proven to be extremely eco-friendly as they do not produce any harmful chemicals or gases.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature, and keep an essence of class about your kitchen, it is essential that you get a wine fridge as quickly as possible. It is a far better option than simply storing them in the fridge.

Think of your Needs

When you are picking your perfect Wine Fridge, you need to be concise about what sort of ambience you want it to bring to your room. Do you want it to have LED lighting? Be fitted into a certain cabinet or wall? Or do you want it to be simplistic and only have a specific energy saving feature to it? These questions are essential so that you can maintain your budget when buying your first fridge. Wine fridges can be quite expensive if you go for the larger models, some ranging to $1000, thus the best way is to start with a smaller model of around $100. Plan a list and be clear and precise about what you want. That means you can stop spending more than you actually have to, and focus on what space you have in the kitchen.

Color and Style

If you have a stylish, chrome or monochrome colored kitchen, then you do not want your wine fridge to stick out like a sore thumb by being brightly colored. The same could be said for if you have light wooden cabinets and then go for a black and white metal cooler. The outside of the appliance can be just as important as the inside, as you will need to have it suit the room so it doesn’t look odd or out of place. Be sure to pick colors that will best suit its environment, as well as the materials that it is made out of or covered in. This way it can suit your room and provide a hidden surprise should any guests be over for drinks.

What Temperatures would best suit my Wine Fridge?

When purchasing your first wine fridge, you may think that it only has a single temperature within it to keep all wine at their peak condition. However, this is incorrect. If you carry a mixture of wines and beers, you may need to indulge in a triple temperature zone, which allows for all your bottles to be placed in certain slots to keep them cool. Whilst this is the most expensive option, if you want to keep things simple for simple red and white wines, then it would be best to look into single temperature zones, or two if you want to have more than a few mixed bottles.

Reviewing the Best Fridges

If you need some examples of the best Wine Fridges you can buy on the marketplace, then why not check out the Supentown Dual-Zone Thermo Electric Cooler with Heating. This is an example of a fantastic duel temperature cooler, where it incorporates heat as well as the cold to keep your bottles at the best drinking temperature. It is sleek but wide enough to incorporate up to 18 bottles within it. It even has touch screen LED lights which an easily illuminate different parts of the different cabinets of the cooler.

However, if you are looking for something slighter smaller why not take a look at the Wine Enthusiast Silent 8-Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator. Whilst this cooler is compact enough to be placed under any table, it can carry up to 8 bottles at a time and even has the option to flick between Celsius and Fahrenheit, meaning it is simply perfect for anyone who is overseas.