Samsung has released its new line-up of Galaxy Book Laptops and have made them available in three different levels to tailor their features to different users needs. This year’s line-up includes the Galaxy Book S, the Galaxy Book Flex, and the Galaxy Book Ion.

Samsung Galaxy Book S

Samsung Galaxy Book S
The Samsung Galaxy Book S is the work horse of the new series of laptops. The device is incredibly thin at less than 0.5” thick and very light at just over 2 lbs making it great for on the go mobile usage. Despite its thin form factor it is a fully capable device with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor, a 13.3” full-HD touchscreen and 256 GB of internal memory. The Book S is engineered to run on ultra-fast LTE networks making the device truly mobile. A great option for both work and play while on the go.

It doesn’t come with many ports on it though, with only two USB-C ports it is a great option for taking your work on the road or around the house but isn’t the device for connecting multiple screens and using it as a desktop replacement for heavy computing needs.

The Galaxy Book S is available starting at $999.99

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex
The Samsung Galaxy Book Flex is a powerful 2-in-1 PC with the latest QLED Samsung touchscreen, 10th generation Intel Core processors, and a long-lasting, fast-charging battery that lasts up to 19 hours on the 15.6” model and 20 hours on the 13.3” model.

The Galaxy Book Flex touchscreen works with the Bluetooth-enabled S Pen allowing you to take notes and sketch ideas with precision or use Air Actions to control the device even from across the room.

The screen comes with super narrow bezel to pack as many pixels as possible into the screen area and uses Quantum Dot technology to keep the display brilliant in any lighting conditions including direct sunlight.

The Book Flex gives you the power and functionality a laptop with the features and easy-of-use you get with a Tablet all in one.

The Galaxy Book Flex is available starting at $1349.99 in the 13.3”, 512 GB version, $1399.99 in the 15.6”, 512 GB version, and the Galaxy Book Flex Alpha can be had for $849.99 in the 13.3”, 256 GB version.

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion
The Samsung Galaxy Book Ion comes with features of both the Book S and the Book Flex. It is a standard laptop like the Book S that comes in both 13.3” and 15.6” screens but comes with 512 GB of internal memory. It also comes with an Intel Core i7 processor available on the Book Flex Alpha and the QLED screen available on the Book Flex.

The device is still thin and light, less than 3lbs, but is bulkier than the Book S. However, this additional bulkiness comes with more ports on the device with an HDMI out for connecting additional screens, a UFS&uSD card slot which is capable of adding a 2TB SD Card or a 512GB UFS card, USB 3.0 ports, and even a Thunderbolt 3 port.

This device isn’t as mobile as the Book S as it doesn’t connect with the LTE networks and it isn’t as flexible and the Flex in terms of 2-in-1 laptop to tablet features but it fits into the more traditional laptop category that is mobile, yet powerful, and comes with a stunning QLED screen.

The Galaxy Book Ion is available starting from $1199.99 in the 13.3”, 512 GB, with the i7 processor.

Galaxy Chromebook

The Galaxy Chromebook is the top of the line Chromebook from Samsung and is part of the Chromebook line-up that includes the Chromebook 4+, Chromebook 4, and Chromebook Plus. The main enhancements over the other less expensive Chromebooks are a larger internal memory, a faster Intel Core i5 Processor, a 4K AMOLED screen, and it is a 2-in-1 laptop allowing it to be used as a Tablet as well.

Running the simple yet powerful Chrome OS it comes with all Google’s features like Google Assistant, Google Docs and access to apps from the Google Play Store.

The Galaxy Chromebook starts from $999.99.


Samsung has come out with an impressive line-up of laptops and Chromebooks this year with the Book series of laptops doing a solid job of giving users a choice of laptops that come with distinct features focusing on use cases that are most important to different users.

Samsung Galaxy Book S – Super mobile with LTE capabilities, small size, super light, and long lasting battery.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex – Powerful 2-in-1 laptop, with state of the art QLED touchscreen, S-Pen capabilities, powerful processor.

Samsung Galaxy Book Ion – A bit of both with the QLED screen, small size, but with more ports to connect more devices and screens to the device.

Samsung Chromebook – A more powerful Chromebook that pushes the boundary on price point for a Chromebook but does offer hardware and storage space similar to a laptop.

If you’re in the market for a new laptop or Chromebook, Samsung’s Book series and Chromebook’s are definitely worth consideration.